Fiance Visa For a Resident – A Timetable about the

Beginning Stage:

Presenting your Life partner’s K-1 Visa Application to USCIS. After the US Resident, or his lawyer, has finished the USCIS request for a K-1 Visa for his life partner he should present the appeal to the right USCIS Administration Center. Contingent on where the US Resident lives in the US he will either present the appeal to the USCIS Administration Center in one or the other California or Vermont.

There is one more choice for the US Resident dwelling in. In the event that the US Resident can demonstrate that he has been an occupant of for north of one year then he can document the K-1 application in at the Bangkok USCIS office model verification of home: long haul visa in, work grant, and so on This can be a benefit in light of the fact that the Bangkok USCIS office by and large has a more limited handling time than the USCIS Administration Focuses in the US.

Stage 1:

The break between Notice of Activity 1 and 2: USCIS Cycles your  life partner’s K-1 Visa Appeal One reason it is critical to have the documentation and structures all together is all the long handling season of the USCIS. In the event that some documentation is messed up, it is conceivable that this long cycle could be rehashed and your life partner would need to stand by longer

Stage 2:

Notice of Activity 2, your life partner’s most memorable obstacle in the Visa cycle defeat When USCIS supports a K-1 Visa request they will send the US Resident candidate, or his lawyer, a letter saying exactly that. The letter advising you of K-1 appeal endorsement is regularly alluded to as Notice of Activity 2. Inside this letter it will likewise express that your life partner’s appeal is being sent on to the Public Visa Community.

Stage 3:

Your Life partner’s K-1 Visa request is sent to the Public Visa Community The Public Visa Community NVC is fundamentally where they do a personal investigation on your life partner. It as a rule takes around three of about a month for your life partner’s record to get handled through NVC. So, all in all the K-1 Cong ty lam visa request is sent on to the US Consulate in Bangkok.

Stage 4:

Your life partner acquires the K-1 Visa after the meeting and any 221 g demands for additional data After the meeting at the US Consulate in and expecting the documentation is all together, the K-1 Visa will be conceded and your life partner can recover her identification with the K1 Visa within it. A decent time period for the aggregate sum of time this ought to take is a half year from requesting of USCIS to really getting the K-1 Visa.