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The Pros and Cons of Being Hire a Lawyer

There are many things to consider before becoming a lawyer. Here are some pros and cons of being a lawyer to help you make your decision.


  • You can make a lot of money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for lawyers was $118,160 in 2016.
  • You can help people. If you become a lawyer, you will have the opportunity to help people with their legal problems.
  • You can use your skills to make the world a better place. Lawyers can use their skills to make a difference in the world by working for non-profit organizations or becoming involved in public interest law.


  • The job can be stressful. Lawyers often work long hours and have a lot of responsibility.
  • You may have to work with difficult people. Lawyers sometimes have to deal with difficult clients or opposing counsel.
  • The job can be boring. Some lawyers find the work they do to be boring or routine.

If you are considering becoming a lawyer, weigh the pros and cons carefully to make sure it is the right career for you.

Commercial lawyers help businesses by advising them on legal matters, drafting contracts, study permit in Vancouver, BC and representing them in court. Key qualities of successful lawyers include analytical and problem-solving skills, critical thinking, excellent written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work well under pressure.

The outlook for lawyers is generally positive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for lawyers will grow by 8 percent from 2016 to 2026. However, competition for jobs is expected to be strong because there are more graduates than there are available jobs.

There are many alternative careers for lawyers. Some lawyers become law professors, judges, or lobbyists. Others work in business or become consultants.

If you are considering a career in law, research the pros and cons carefully to make sure it is the right choice for you.


Becoming a lawyer can be a rewarding career choice, but it is not without its challenges. Weigh the pros and cons carefully to decide if a career in law is right for you.