electrical repairs in Frisco, TX

Electrical Repairs In Frisco, TX: A Beginner’s Troubleshooting Guide

The First Thing To do

First, determine whether the issue is with your home’s electrical system or with the utility company’s electrical repairs in Frisco, TX supply to your home.

Neighbors don’t have electricity:  If the power is out throughout your home and your neighbors appear to have lost electricity, call the utility company from your cell phone.

Neighbors have electricity. The problem is with your home’s system if your neighbors have power or any part of your home’s electrical power works.

If the lights or outlets in one room are out, you must check the other rooms.

Open The Main Panel

If too much current flows through wires or the electrical system fail, circuit breakers (or fuses in older electrical installations) automatically shut down the circuit. If the electrical circuit is overloaded, a breaker will trip, or a fuse will blow. This practice will effectively shut down the entire electrical circuit.

GFCI electrical receptacles (outlets) or circuit breakers protect some circuits. These circuits, outlets in the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors, are especially vulnerable to shorts and overloads. If a GFCI receptacle or breaker trips, it may also turn off all of the compartments that are connected to it. Often, simply pressing the reset button on the GFCI device will solve the problem.

How To Check For Electricity To An Outlet Or Switch

Non-Contact Electrical Tester

A non-contact electrical tester is the quickest, safest, and most straightforward tool for determining whether an outlet or switch is obtaining voltage. To test for electrical repairs in Frisco, TX, insert the non-conducting head into a receptacle or keep it next to the switch.

Neon Tester

Insert the probes of a circuit tester or a neon tester into the slots to see if a receptacle is dead. When the probes are plugged in, do not touch the metal ends with your fingers. If the neon tester lights up, the circuit is hot (charged).